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Announcement: ViroCyt Acquired by Sartorius

ViroCyt, an innovator in rapid virus quantification, recently announced that it has been acquired by Sartorius, a leading international pharmaceutical and laboratory tools provider. Said Robert Kline, ViroCyt President and CEO, “The worldwide reach and outstanding reputation of Sartorius will accelerate the adoption of the Virus Counter technology. ViroCyt is proud to join the Sartorius family and the partnership is a positive development for our customers, employees and shareholders.”...more >

Custom Antibody Program

Have you ever considered using your own validated antibodies to quantify your virus-of-interest?  If so, ViroCyt is offering a new custom reagent program.  We're in the process of identifying scientists who need a quick and easy quantification method and have validated antibodies (either internally-developed or commercially-sourced) to their specific viral targets...more >

Upcoming Event: Bioprocessing Summit

Our colleagues at Sartorius Stedim Biotech will be attending the 8th Annual Bioprocessing Summit in Boston, Massachusetts, October 15-19. Stop by booth 405, drop off your business card and let them know that you'd like a ViroCyt representative to contact you to discuss your rapid virus quantification needs...more >

Presentation: Accelerating Viral Vaccines Process Development

On March 30, 2016 at the World Vaccine Congress held in Washington, DC, Dr. Danny Vellom, Senior Director, Global Technology and Innovation at Sanofi Pasteur, discussed how the Virus Counter addresses the difficulties and will allow more rapid and efficient development of new viral vaccine manufacturing processes...more >

White Paper: Virotherapy Process Optimization

Since its first use in the 1980s, the utility of baculovirus to express proteins has grown in both scope and diversity. As is the situation with any virus-based product, however, viral quantification is a significant obstacle during the development and commercialization of therapies and vaccines using this technology. In this White Paper, we discuss the advantages of implementing rapid viral particle quantification for baculovirus-based systems...more >

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